About Us

Our Humble Beginnings
“From There to Here by FAITH”

It all began twenty-nine years ago when a young man by the name of Edward L. Taylor began to feel a spiritual tug on his life.  He soon realized that God was drawing him.  He began to seek after the Lord.  Not knowing how to pray, he asked God to lead him and his family to a small church; a church where they would grow in the Lord with the church.  Edward L. Taylor, now known as Pastor Edward Taylor, didn’t know that God had a plan for his life long before he was born.

The Lord led the Taylor family to a small church where later he and his family were introduced to the Body of Christ.  After hearing the Word of God, Edward Taylor and his wife repented from their sins and were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not long after, both received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance.

During the next six years, Pastor Taylor proved he was a man after God’s own heart.  As he diligently sought the Lord with his whole heart, God began educating him in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  On April 3, 1983, Edward Taylor was ordained as a Deacon.  While fulfilling this position with great zeal, loyalty and dedication, God called Deacon Taylor into the ministry.  On April 11, 1985, Deacon Taylor was ordained as a minister by God.  Yet, God was not finish.  One year later, God spoke to Elder Edward Taylor’s heart about starting a soul saving ministry for the Lord in Clinton, MS.

By October 1987, the Lord gave the name of the church to Elder Taylor.  It was to be called New Testament Church of the Apostolic Faith.  Not wasting any time, he began diligently seeking a place of worship.  With the Lord’s guidance, he was led to 946 Hwy 80 East in Clinton. On March 13, 1988, Pastor Taylor held our first services.  We were a small church, yet a church that was growing stronger and stronger in the Lord.  On April 18, 1994, by the help of the Almighty God, we were able to purchase twelve acres of land on Old Vicksburg road in Clinton, MS.  In June 1994, faithful members of New Testament Church, including women and children, began to joyfully clear the land of trees and debris.  By April 1995, a spot had been cleared to build upon.  On May 23, 1996, with only eleven working members, the Lord blessed us to dedicate this beautiful debt free building to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many years have gone by to make us what we are today.  We are a church that is known among the candlesticks. We are thankful for our history because it was founded and ordained by God; with Jesus Christ himself being the Chief corner stone.  We are a soul saving ministry; a beacon light to the lost; a city that sit on a hill that cannot be hid.




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